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One of the most subscribed to and followed Spanish-born social media and YouTube superstars in the game, Luzu welcomes millions of subscribers to his LuzuVlogs and luzugames channels. His outreach expands to Instagram as well, where he’s accumulated more than 4.8 million followers. Buy Luzu Merch Here

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Luzu has appeared on YouTubers React and Celebs React. His YouTube channel is LuzuVlogs. His first appearance was in YOUTUBERS REACT TO JIMMY FALLON (The Tonight Show). He has appeared by himself and with his partner Lana.

Borja Luzuriaga Vázquez, also known as luzugames, LuzuVlogs, or just Luzu, is a Spanish youtuber vlogger and gamer based in Los Angeles, California. Luzu has millions of fans on his LuzuVlogs and luzugames channels, making him one of the most subscribed to and followed Spanish-born social media and YouTube celebrities in the game. His reach extends to Instagram as well, where he has over 5.3 million followers.

Luzu Vlogs

Luzu began on YouTube several years ago on a channel named The Judge, which no longer exists. Following that, he began working on the LuzuVlogs channel. As the title suggests, his channel was primarily about video vlogs, each with its own set of topics and substance.

EL NOOB Y SU RETO 1 – El comienzo [LuzuGames]” or “THE NOOB AND HIS CHALLENGE 1 – The Beginning [LuzuGames]” is the first video on his channel and has over 684k views as of August 2022. He plays Minecraft and introduces himself in the video.

Luzu has produced several shows throughout the years, including Surfing USA California, Route 66, Luzu in Hollywood, and The Jet Lag Chronicles. The channel has been abandoned or suspended. The final video on the channel was “TOGETHER IN VIDCON 2017”. It was released on June 28, 2017.

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