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Everything players need to know about Minecraft streamer Luzu

More time has passed for Borja “Luzu” Vázquez on YouTube and Twitch than his current success suggests.

His first internet appearance took place on a channel named “The Judge,” which is no longer in operation, several years ago. On a channel called “LuzuVlogs,” Luzu made his second debut on December 22nd, 2011.

Two years later, he started his “LuzuGames” channel, which is today his most well-known and well-liked endeavor. This channel featured video games, as its name would imply. Luzu claims he “isn’t a gamer” in the introduction to the first video on this channel. Oh, how the cards have changed.

As the name entails, “LuzuVlogs” was centered around vlogging different travel-based projects. Luzu began many different vlog series, such as: “Surfing USA California,” “Route 66,” “Luzu in Hollywood,” and “The Chronicles of Jetlag.”

Luzu uploaded his last video on his vlogging channel for on June 28th, 2017, titled “JUNTOS EN VIDCON 2017.” (Translation: “TOGETHER AT VIDCON 2017”) He’s begun uploading vlogs again as of November 29th, 2020, but he’s seemingly taken another leave, as his last upload was four months ago.

“LuzuGames” was created on May 10th, 2013. His first uploads on the channel were a simple video series of him playing Minecraft. His claims in the description read that he’s “no video game guru,” but his future audience would beg to differ.

Over the years, his focus on “LuzuGames,” has taken priority. Luzu has grown from a YouTube audience amassing over eleven-million subscribers to his Twitch streams that amass over three thousand average viewers.

His audience on both his channel, and his streams, are mainly Spanish-speaking, due to this being Luzu’s native tongue. It’s inspiring to see non-English speaking creators becoming popular in the main media, as it hopefully inspires other native creators to follow in his footsteps.

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